Filip Smets
Programmer, Maker, Educator
Passionate about
technology, the future, diversity and science.
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2015 - 2020

My biggest pet project. Evolved from a small test and exploration of Node.js, this project grew into a full fledged community of artists. It contains a social network, messaging, chat, walls, an infinite canvas that can be drawn on and a lot of other features.

HTML5, CSS3, Javsacript, Nodejs, Websockets, File system management, Backups, Software design, MySQL, BASH, Python, Backup solutions, Network optimization, Performance optimization, Scaling, Online marketing

District Three
2018 - 2020

I started a Coworking and Maker space.

People can come and use the available machines, like a lasercutter, 3D printer, heatpress, ...

They can also buy materials, eletronics, ...

Management, Event planning, Budgeting, Networking, Scheduling, Subsidies, Financials, Taxes

Kiyo online platform

Together with Matthias, we developed an online platform to empower children to defend their rights by having them create projects.

They improve their environment by following a roadmap on the platform, guiding them towards a successful goal.

Docker, Unit tests, Angular, TypeScript, Web application, Product design, User centered design

Februari 2019 - November 2019

Becode provides trainings in tech related fields with a big focus is on social integration and soft skills.

I gave seven month, fulltime webdevelopment training to a group of 30 people. As coach we also worked on internal tools and did the follow up on external projects.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue.js, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, Bootstrap, SASS, Public Speaking, Networking, Soft skills, Scrum, Kanban, Agile

Studio Digital - Boshackaton
Summer 2019

Hackaton of 24 hours where participants had to create a project to transform a normal forest into a smart one.

A fun and intense workhop involving numerous technologies.

3D-printing, lasercutting, Arduino, electronics, CNC-machines, C

Coolest Projects
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

I started this Event as a way to give children a goal to work towards during the monthly Coderdojo sessions.

Together with a team of volunteers we organised a Science fair where children showed off their projects and visitors could come and spectate.

There were 64 projects, about 3000 visitors and 100 participants.

Project management, Team management, Marketing, Budget management, Subsidies, Event organisation

Sonar Car Simulator

Small simulation that has a car with three sonar sensors on it.


Super Simple Blockchain

Made a super simple blockchain in javascript with the goal of it having less than 100 lines of code.

Javascript, Blockchain, DHT

Unleash the geek

A programming competition where you had to program five bots to dig up resources.

Artifical Intelligence, Javascript, Neural Networks, RegEx

Zeus Capture the flag

A casual security capture the flag competition.

Xor encryption, Brute forcing

Coderdojo Lier

In Lier we organise a Coderdojo. These are free workshops children can participate in to work on technology related projects. They happen monthly, first at the local library and nowadays at my makerspace.

Scratch, HTML/CSS3/JavaScript, Python, Unity, Lasercutting, 3D printing

Coderdojo Zandhoven

I wanted to start an extra location and decided to work together with a school in Zandhoven that had recently started their own FabLab.

Admissions, Event planning, Event coordination, Finding sponsorship, Scratch, HTML/CSS3/JavaScript, Python, Unity, Lasercutting, 3D printing

Dojocon Belgium
2017, 2018, 2019

The Coderdojo Belgium VZW organizes a dojocon each year to help their coaches share their knowledge.


Global Game Jam

This year the jam was held at my makerspace. We made a game where you have to perform household chores.

Unity, C#, Event organization

Non Violent Communication
Brussel - Summer 2019

Three day course on non violent communication in a business setting.

Non violent communication

Eunited we code

A european project BeCode was involved in. Together with other organisations like ours we created three projects; a mobily program, a recruiting toolkit and an online platform.


Train The Trainer (Codefever)
Gent - 2019

Training about teaching kids tech skills with a focus on how to be a better trainer.

Train The Trainer (Simplon)
Brussels - September 2019

Week long course on active pedagogy.

Active pedagogy

Codefever Lier
September 2019

Once a week, codefever provides high quality lessons for children.

Using an online platform and an individualized approach.

Scratch, Javascript, Microbit

Makerfaire Eindhoven

Maker fair with a lot of cool projects. I visited this together with some coaches of Coderdojo Zandhoven.


Makerfaire Gent

The first Belgian Makerfaire.

I manned a booth for my Makerspace together with the Fablab of Zandhoven.


AI 4 Business Summit
Brussel - 2019

During the Summit, there were a lot of talks about areas related to AI for businesses. With an opening talk of Lieven Scheirre and a lot of other guest speakers.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Networking, Talks

Antwerpen - September 2018

Tech fair with conferences. I also manned a booth for Coderdojo Belgium.



A game I co-created under the Open Mid Interactive brand.

It is an assymetric multiplayer, 3D platformer race game made in Unity.

Networking, C#, Unity, User support, Marketing

University of Antwerp
Computer science
2014 - 2018

Since 2018

For this company I designed a new website using a CMS system. I also make sure they can send and receive their emails and maintain their computers on an ongoing basis.

Wordpress, ICT, Backup strategies, Microsoft Server, Windows Domains, Hosting

Computer Science Courses
2017 - 2018

*Not taken

Dojocon Ireland
October 2018

As part of the Belgian delegation we went to Ireland to exchange knowledge about tech and how to transmit that in an educational way to youth.


Codefever Antwerpen
Februari 2018

Once a week, codefever provides high quality lessons for children.

Using an online platform and an individualized approach.


Jiu jitsu

In march 2018 I joined Jiu Jitsu club "Gouden Draak" in Lier.

Jiu jitsu is a martial art which we train three times a week.

Currently I sport an orange belt.

Computer Science Courses

Antwerp - 2017

Two days packed with keynotes and presentation on tech trends organised by Imec.


Teacher Labschool
September 2017 - December 2017

A modern school where the teaching was more project based and cross-course with an individualized approach.

Scratch, Unity, Blender

Studio Digital
September 2017

This series of workshops was focused on at risk youth. We gave an initiation into the digital world using low barrier techniques such as Scratch.

Scratch, Python, Image manipulation

Lille (France) - Juli 2017

In this two day workshop I had to cocreate an interactive story about the closure of a nuclear power plant in North Wales.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Sound

March, April 2017

In these workshops, youngsters were helped with the development of smartphone apps to minimize the foodwaste in our society.

The four groups were selected by a Jury and given individual guidance to create their vision.

AppInventor, App Development, Project management

Partnering since 2017

Challenge of the month
Feb 2016

Small competition I organised for children. They got a base scratch application that they had to remix into their own game.

Smarthome - Group project

Using React in the front-end and Django in the back we had to make a system that could poll IOT devices and present the user with a clean interface to access the data.

Source code:
Course: Projects Databases

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Django, React, Python, UX/UI Design, Project management

Brussels - 2016

Conference about digital inovation.


SiegeAlienEdition - Solo excercise

We had to remake an old game using an MVC architecture in c++. It also needed to parse XML config files.

Source code:
Course: Advanced programming

MAKE, CMAKE, MVC, C++, XML, Error handling, OOP, Observer pattern

TMLanguage - Group excercise

We made a programming language that can control a Turing Machine.

Source code:
Course: Advanced programming

MAKE, CMAKE, MVC, C++, XML, Error handling, OOP, Observer pattern

Google Hashcode

A competition Google holds every year. I participated at the Antwerp hub at the University.

The challenge usually involves solving a problem that requires too much computing power to brute force.

Artificial Intelligence, Search Algorithms

Fri3dcamp (Summer 2016)

Fri3dcamp is a bi-yearly, family friendly summercamp for hackers, makers and DIY'ers. At the 2016 edition, I helped coach for the coderdojo.


July 2016 - September 2016

This startup organizes online esports tournaments sponsered by companies like Proximus. During the summer of 2016 I was a developer for their online platform.

I introduced a testing suite and guidelines to ensure reliability and a better integration and deployment.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Meteor, MongoDB (NoSQL), Unit testing, Integration testing, User testing, Analytics

SimpleLogic - Logic Gate Simulator
2013 - 2015

A simulator for logic gates.

Logic Gates, PHP, JavaScript

Computer Science Courses

Cinema system - Group project (2015)

We had to use python to create a cinema system according to a specification we were given.

Course: Programming introduction

Python, Binary trees, Hashmap, Red-Black tree, two-three-four-tree

DFA to RE and RE to NFA translator - Group project (2015)

In this project we made a program that translates a deterministic finite automaton into a Regex (Regular expression). It is also able to convert a regular expression into a Non deterministic finite automaton.

Source code:
Course: Languages and Automatons

Automaton, Graph theory, C++, Graphical user interface, Image generation, Regex, Lexical Analysis

Computer graphics in 3D - Solo exercise (2015)

In this assignement we had to create our own 3D engine in c++ using matrix and vector manipulation.

Source code:
Course: Computer graphics

Matrix, Vector, 3D engine, Math, C++

Global Game Jam (2015)

At the GGJ of 2015, I joined the Antwerp location where together with five others I made a dragon racing game in 48 hours.

Unity, Networking

NeuralNet (2015)

Javascript module for neural networks that you want to train using an evolutionary approach.

Neural Networks

Scratch IO multiplayer (2015)

Scratch IO module that added networking blocks.

Javascript, Nodejs

Coderdojo Javascript Learning Tool (2015)

We had a need for a tool to help us teach Javascript to our Ninjas. So we set out to develop something with a smooth learning curve.

AngularJS, Learning Tool Design, Ideation

Flying a drone by GPS (2015)

I set out to fly my drone using the GPS. So I bought a drone that ran a small linux distro and used some libraries to make it work.

When that worked I connected it to a small browser based interface.

Pid controllers, Drones, Linux

Angular (Cronos) - Antwerpen - Training (2015)

Two day crash course in Business oriented Angular.

HTML5/CSS3, Angular, Software Design

Family Day Microsoft (October 2015)

Workshop for the children at the family day for Microsoft.


Neural Cars - Graduation project/paper (October 2013 - March 2015)

This project started out of pure interest into Neural Networks. The goal of the project was for agents to autonomously learn how to drive on the road.
Afterwards I wrote a paper for it as my graduating project for highschool.

HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Neural Networks, RegEx

Car license B

Tazios (2014)

A small 2d game I started making. It loads a map from a JSON file generated by a map editor and then allows you to move around that map.

HTML5, JavaScript, JSON, Algorithms, Framework design, Async

Simple Procedural Map (2014)

Simple procedural map made for a programming prompt on reddit.

Procedural Generation, Perlin Noise

Web Keyboard (2014)

A super simple onscreen keyboard for websites


Reddit Enhancement Suite (2014)

RES is a much used plugin on reddit. At some point something broke and I decided to fix it myself.

Afterwards I also added some performance optimizations and gave some support to the other users on the subreddit.

Javascript, Performance Optimization, User support

Analog Keys (2014)

AnalogKeys is an arduino library that allows you to easily manage the keys on an lcd shield that uses analog input for the keys.

Calibration of the keys is done on the fly instead of preprogram the values.

C (arduino), Interface design

NPM Windows Wireless (2014)

An npm module that enables you to query the wifi networks.

NPM, Library design, Networking

NPM Windows Wireless Info (2014)

A better npm module that also enables you to query the wifi networks.

NPM, Library design, Networking

Procedural Image (2014)

Images generated by random neural networks

Neural Networks

Democratic programming (2014)

A experiment that allows multiple people to vote on the direction of the code.

JavaScript, NodeJS

Webreview chrome plugin (2014)

A chrome plugin that allowed users to review websites they visited.

Chrome plugin,

DiskGame - Solo excercise (2014)

Disk game (three on a line) excercise that we had to make using python for the introduction to programming course. Written in Python.

Course: Programming introduction

Python, Algorithme

Chessgame - Solo excercise (2014)

Chesslike game we had to make for the introduction to programming course. Written in Python.

Source code:
Course: Programming introduction

Python, Algorithme

Towers of Hanoi - Solo excercise (2014)

Towers of Hanoi simulation, made for the introduction to programming course. Written in python.

Source code:
Course: Programming introduction

Python, Algorithme

BattleShip Console Game - Solo excercise (2014)

Console game for the introduction to programming course. It also included a super simple AI that randomly fired until it locked onto a ship.

Source code:
Course: Programming introduction

C++, Simple AI

May 2014

At the megadojo, 1024 school going kids got a taste of programming.

There was also a mini fair with cool things like a Tesla car, Minecraft Electricity Explanation Project, AP, ...

Networking, Scratch, Javascript

Githo nijlen
Industrial Science
(2012 - 2014)

Joystick library (2013)

The first open source project that I published. It is a small library to add a very basic joystick to a webpage.

HTML5, JavaScript

Traingame (2013)

One of the earliest games I worked on.

HTML5, JavaScript, NodeJS, Networking, Sockets

Cube Engine (2013)

Minimal minecraft clone for the browser. My input was adding a joystick and making the physics (mainly the jumping) better.

Git, JavaScript, Physics, Game Development, Algorithms, Issues, Pull requests, Github

Nodejs IRC Bot (2013)

A small IRC bot featuring a database, logging and easy to add games like Blackjack and Hangman.

HTML5, JavaScript

Steve - HTML5 COllaboration tool (2013)

A collaboration tool that allowed developers to work on the same code in the browser. Started together with a friend.

HTML5, JavaScript, Java

Gamewar (2013)

This was a platform for PVP games where people could bet on the outcome.

HTML5, JavaScript, NodeJS

Extrapolate map (2013)

A map that extrapolates 2D data points on a map using neural networks. I made this because I wanted to visualize wifi network strength data that I collected.

Javascript, Neural Networks, Data visualization

Finale Vlaamse Technologie Olympiade (2013)

In 2013 I participated at the Flemish Technology Olympiade. A competition where you needed to answer questions about Math, Electricity, Mechanics and Computer science. I scored well enough to continue to the finals in Brussels.

Math, Logic, Electricity, Mechanics, Computer science

Sint-Gummarus College
Latin/Modern Sciences
2008 - 2012

Pokemon - TI 84 PLUS (2012)

In highschool I made a pokemon game that could simulate PVP between pokemons with different stats and let the player choose what kind of attack they wanted to launch. With a nice graphical interface.

TI-Basic, Assembley, 2D graphics

Ronde 2 Vlaamse Wiskunde Olympiade (2011 en 2012)

In 2011 and 2012 I participated at the Flemish Mathematics Olympiad. A competition where you needed to answer questions about Math. I scored well enough to continue to the second round.

Math, Logic

Javascript Pacman (2010)

I made a small javascript pacman clone. The navigation was a bit buggy but overall it worked.

Javascript, Algorithms, 2D graphics

Habbo hotel and Tribalwars fansite (2009)

I played in the Habbo hotel and the browser game Tribalwars, for which I started making very basic HTML and CSS websites.

Html, CSS

Text RPGs (2008)

In the early days I setup some text RPGs on free hosts. It mostly consisted of taking available scripts and slightly altering them.

PHPMyAdmin, Php, Servers, FTP


I played for some years at a tennis club where I took some lessons.

Because of a lack of time I have taken a break since the summer of 2019.

PC Gaming

Casually I enjoy playing computer games. Mostly League of Legends, for which I have also played some small competitions.

In a team of friends, we did both online and offline tournaments.


At the age of six, I started playing piano in the Music Academy of Lier.

These days I no longer take lessons but I do occasionaly like playing some modern songs.


I picked up the Drawing Academy as a creative outlet when I was a teen.
From time to time I like making sketches and small drawings.

I also have a website that acts as a community for digital artists called Anondraw.

Smaller interests

Cool Youtube Channels

Web Frontend

HTML CSS SASS Jquery Vue.js Ajax React AngularJS Bootstrap TypeScript JavaScript

Web Programming Tools

WebPack Babel Gulp.js Bower Grunt

Web Fullstack

API REST API Meteor GraphQL Wordpress

Web Backend

PHP DJANGO Node.js Express.js

Programming languages

C# C++ PHP Python Visual Basic

Data formats


Low level / embedded

BASH MAKE CMAKE Logisim Assembley C (arduino) Raspberry Pi

Programming concepts

LINQ CLI Async OOP MVC SOLID RAII Big-O Binding Indexing Closures Blockchain Assertions Coding styles Optimizations Memory management

Programming concepts cont.

Dynamic Programming Self documenting code Defensive programming Remote Procedure Calls Network Address Translation

Game development

C# .NET Unity STEAMWORKS Perlin Noise Optimizations Procedural Generation


UX design UI design

Programming tools

GIT BASH RegEx Code sniffers Code linters Debugger tools

Programming management

Scrum Kanban Agile Continous integration Docker


Unit testing UX/UI Testing Integration testing Continous integration Docker


Desktop (Elecron) PWA Mobile applications Web applications

Project management

Budgeting Marketing

Soft skills

Memes Workshops Trainings Budgeting User support Time management Data visualization Non violent communication Giving and receiving feedback

Data structures

Array Graphs Hashmaps Primitives Linked list Binary trees Red and black trees

System/server management

ICT Linux Backups Digitalocean Self hosting Windows servers Horizontal/vertical scaling

Learning/teaching tools

Scratch Blockly mBot MIT App Inventor


OpenID Hashing SSH keys Encryption Input validation Capture the flag

Machine learning / Artificial intelligence

Tensorflow.js Neural networks Random forest Min-maxing

Artistic software

Gimp Blender

Maker culture

Cura 3D printing Lasercutting C (Arduino)

Other tools

Spreadsheets with a lot of color